Is carpet your dream flooring?

Some homeowners are loyal to carpet flooring and all that it offers. So, for those looking for outstanding beauty, it's here. But it's also a choice that provides durability.

The added benefits are impressive, with some always in place. Other features come thanks to new technology and manufacturing processes. But the fact is, these floors could serve many of your rooms that currently need flooring.

Carpet is a beautiful surface

Stunning visuals are an age-old benefit that will always be a sought-after feature. An excellent carpet installation offers solid colors, designs, and fiber types to create the best look, with a match for every decor scheme. Trends are one of the best ways to choose the best look, and there are plenty in this product line. Current trends are available in both bold and neutral categories. And these trends could stay current for years to come, so don't miss them.

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Enjoy outstanding durability

If you have pets, children, or both, you may have second-guessed the carpet option. But the good news is that these floors offer more durability than ever before. In addition, built-in stain protection helps do away with stains, odors, and premature wear. This protection doesn't wear off over time, so you're protected if your floors are in place. Choosing the right fiber type is essential for the lifespan of your floors. And you can also use runners and rugs in rooms where traffic is highest, for great results.

Benefits, old and new

As you consider your carpeting choices, you'll find some known benefits. Carpet softness, comfort, noise reduction, and beauty are standard perks. And each is as important as it's always been.

But new benefits can include hypoallergenic fibers, silk-soft comfort, and added crush resistance. And that makes these floors more appealing than ever before. Find out all that you can about your possible products.
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